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servicing a large fleet??

showme vending

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I have a question for the guys with a fleet of machines. How do you guys service them all in a timely and efficient manner? The reason i ask is becuase i was running come numbers and by next summer I will have my goal of 1000 machines. problem is if I do on average of 30 machines a day thats 900 machines a month. And thats if i work every day non stop. My problem is effiency. How do you service all of your machines and still have some personal time.

Would it be best to fill the candy up 3/4 of the way and only service the machine every 2 months. I dont like leaving lots of money in the machines for fear of theft. Also how can you trsut people to service your machines without rippingyou off? Does anybody have any methods they can share?



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