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Anybody have a sales contract for purchasing an existing route?


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Well I've succeeded in getting my brother fired up on this business and sure enough there is a nice little ad on craigslist with a few machines near his house.  So I call the guy for my brother and he sounds good.  He is moving and wants to sell the machines.  Sounds good.  I ask him how long he has had the machines on location and he says over a year.  I ask how his relationship is with the managers at the places and he says good.  He is not asking for much for the machines and it seems like a no brainer.  So then I'm talking to my brother and he asks, "how do we know these machines belong to this guy?"  Good question.  He then says, "maybe this guy is selling the machines over and over again on craigslist."  Geez, maybe he is.  I know there are plenty of scammers out there. 

So the question is: does anybody have a sales contract we could use?  Or any other advice on how to proceed.

My brother is meeting the guy tomorrow and is going to inspect the machines.  I told him to speak with the managers at the locations to see if the guy's story holds up.  Any other feedback is appreciated.


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Great suggestion! If someone would like to draw up a sales agreement specifically tailored to the purchase of an existing route I would be happy to upload it into the tools section of member PLUS.

As for this route, standard rules apply. Make sure you visit the locations with the owner during a service cycle. Pay close attention to his/her relationship with the location.

Go into this looking for something to be fishy and if you get any bad vibes, walk away.

Here is some further reading on this subject.





All of the above threads deal with purchasing an existing route.


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