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How many machines do YOU need,


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Every now and again I want to remind all of you about the great tools that are available to you in member PLUS. Today I want to remind you about the bulk vending revenue calculator.

I hope everyone is getting some great use out of this calculator. Let me give you an example of how informational this tool can be.

Say you are just starting out and you have 10 machines out there. You know that you are averaging $15.00 a month from each machine and want to know how many machines you need to go full time.

Lets also say that you are making $900.00 gross per week at your full time job. This is the amount that you will need to replace in order to quit your job. You will want to replace your gross to allow enough room for income taxes come April. You may also want to consider health insurance expenses which average roughly $1,000.00 per month for a good family plan.

So each month you will need...

  • $3600.00 to replace current gross income. ($900 X 4)
  • $1000.00 for health insurance.
  • $1380.00 Cost of goods, roughly 30% of gross. (Hopefully)
  • $5980.00 Total revenue each month. 
With all these figures you can now find out just how many machines you need to become full time  AND maintain your current lifestyle.

First off, enter the number of machines you think you will need to have to go full time. Start with about 400.

Next, Figure out your current average vends per day by dividing $15.00 by 30 = 50 cents, or 2 vends per day. Enter that into the appropriate space.

Next, enter your gross revenue per vend. for most of us that will be 25cents. Some may have 50cent vends so take that into consideration.

Then hit "Calculate" This will show you your revenue projections per Day, Month and Year. Look at the Monthly figure. Is it anywhere near the $5980 we used in the example above? If not, adjust the machine count accordingly to arrive at a sufficient number to achieve the desired amount of revenue.

Each month, as your revenue per head number changes you can re-calculate to see where you stand.

The bulk vending revenue calculator. Now available in member PLUS!


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Before I get bombarded with all of the "What about gas?, What about business licensing, insurance and taxation?, What about spoilage?" Let me say that all of these things obviously need to be considered long before making the jump to FT. This tool is to be used as a general guideline to let you know what is achievable. :D

If you know what all those added expenses are before hand, (and you should) you can simply add that to the revenue you would need to replace from your job.


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