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Hello, I'm new to the vending business, and hoping to give it a try!  I'm finding a wealth of cool info (and not so cool info) on the web, and find that this business is facinating.  So much so, that I'm writing about my endevours at http://candy.500words.ca.

A little about me - I'm from Vancouver, BC (yes, Canada - that makes 3 of us here, I think!)...  I'm looking specifically at $1 bulk vends...  right now will likely go with U-turn, despite the poor response about them in general. 

I look forward to discussing various topics with you all!



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I am excited to announce that I have 10 locations secured through a locator (next time I'll do the locating, but just to get me started), and 3 machines have been placed, with 3 more tomorrow, and 2 on Friday.. 

I operate dollar machines only, and will be providing revenue reports.  However, out of interest, I'm opening my books each month, and cumulativel, as I blunder my way through this crazy business..  November to be reported soon (of course, November is all expenses!).

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