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Beginning items to consider

black panther

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Hi all

Some have drilled me on another thread but here is a question I have regarding costs to consider when starting out for us newbies.  Please let me know what I and other newbies could be missing.  Nice to have a list of items to consider that I have not found but have tried to put together and hope helps others as well.

These are the items that am considering getting into this business and as well as ongoing expenses (not my view and thoughts are tied to bulk and not considering large units that may have electrical considerations or phone lines etc):

  • Actual machine/units
  • Any accessories
  • Shipping costs
  • Locating costs
  • Truck rental (to place large amount of machines)
  • Sam's membership (Costco or other warehouse location)
  • Candy
  • Coin counter/sorter
  • Files / stationary to record location
  • Tracking system
  • Money bags
  • Insurance
  • Permits/Licenses
  • Gas
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Product labels
  • Business cards
  • Replacement parts
Now not all are required some are optional but any additions or questions would like to know.


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panther, i wasnt trying to blast you. only trying to get you to take a closer look at  the business before jumping in and throwing away your hard earned money.

1. use what the big operators use if you want to be a big operator-- use what the small operators use if you want to be a small operator

2. machine and stand, no accessories needed

3.shipping will apply on anything you buy. some companies will advertise free shipping but you can bet the cost is figured in. if your lucky you live close to a supplier, most dont

4.locate the machines yourself, save the money and buy more machines

5. unless you are putting  out more than say 20 machines a day you wont need a big truck. put the heads in the back seat and put the stands in the trunk. then load 20 more the next day. again save your money and buy more machines

6. buy a sams membership, you will use it

7. candy- keep it as simple as possible. no need to carry every product. esp. if you are just starting out.  5 max.

8. no need for a counter. you may need one or a scale later on if you get into commision accts.

9. files?  wife does that

10. talk to baxson or one of these other guys on the tracking system. im old school, pen and paper

11. get them free from the bank. some dont use canvas bags anymore, they went to plastic. if yours does not have them you can get them from a bank supply website for pretty cheap.

12. insurance is a must if you are going to have a legit business unless you want to stand to lose it. you can get liability for under $500 a year for a million $$ coverage

13. vary by state-- check on the board under reulatory affairs

14. gas is the big expense esp. if you are spread out. keep your route as compact as you can at first.

15.windex, all purpose cleaner and a rag

16. make your own or get them from a supplier

17. i think i got 1000 cards for like $40 bucks at office max

18. buy a good machine from a quality co. so that you can be assured that you can even get replacement parts. i usually just keep a few extra complete machines around so i know i have the parts if i need them.

i am tired of typing now it is everyone elses turn

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