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;)  Well, the day has come where I have checked most ofl my machines.  It was far better than I expected, but I did find some pretty good locations to start off with.

1. Pizza & Wings Restaurant- $37.50 ( First machine checked about 2 weeks ago)  Single head Dentyne Ice.

2. Hair Salon- $19.25.  28 days.  Single head Dentyne Ice.

3.  Triple-$41.25 28 days.  Factory breakroom- Using gumballs, runts, and reeses

4.  Triple- $31.00 18 days.  Factory breakroom.  Using gumballs, runts and reeses

As you can see, the dollar figure is alot more than I hoped for.  The factory breakrooms employ over 150 people each, and the pizza restaurant is packed all day.  The hair salon is an upscale place, but it has done pretty darn good, and enough to keep me motivated.  I guess the good thing about my area is there is not really a whole lot of people in the vending business.  You see machines in the major stores like K-mart or Wal-mart, but not in local restaurants, and there's only 1 other machine in a factory breakroom.  So, for the moment, competition isn't there.

Now my Dentyne Ice machines are single heads and both are doing great.  I would love to purchase more, but I gotta get these paid for first.  The triples are doing great as well, but like everyone said, 2 out of the 3 sales good.  In both locations, I only had about $3 in sales on gumballs.  The other two, runts and reeses were pretty much a tie, with only about a $2 difference.

If you really want to break it down, and you count the triples as 3 separate heads, my average is about $16.13 per head.- but my gumballs are holding me back quite a bit.  I didn't change out the gumballs yet, as I wanted to wait a little longer.  If they don't do better, I may change this out.  But I haven't made up my mind, since the profit margin is so much better.

I made $129 on the four machines which is so awsome.  If that doesn't motivate a newbie, I don't know what does.

But Steve, I do have some bad news for you....Those Seagas I told you about.....The lady emailed me back yesterday, and said that she found someone else local to buy 10 of them, she has 10 left, but said she has decided not to ship them....GO FIGURE......That's the only thing bad about dealing with want ads, there's no guarantees.  I guess, when I get more money saved up, I'll bite the bullet and buy new.

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