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some damn heartless people out there!

showme vending

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the longer i talk to people in this business the more jaded i become to the general public. there are truly some very ignorant people out there. I was out today placing some machines and happened to see a italian restaurant i thought might be a good location. So i walk in and introduce myself and explain tot he owner exaclty what my company is, the charity i partner with etc. He flat out interrupts me and says that he isnt interested becuase those charities are a waste of money. I asked how so and he said that he didnt know if the money actually went tot the charity or if they charity reallyused the money to find missing kids.

He basically told me to scram and acted like he was above me. I had the same attitude run in with 3 women in the mall a few days ago at "the limited" like they couldnt be bothered with talking to me. Man thank god i use mostly locators or i wouldnt have any machines out and prolly be in jail becuase some of the way these people talked to me for no reason was a real eye opener.

people can be real jerks. I get the feeling some people think vending machines is some kind of seedy, lazy or border line criminal activity??? you meet alot of nice people but the jack asses are the ones you remember. Damn people! Sorry for the rant!



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There are many more nice people out there than there are jerky people like the ones you ran into. Don't let them stop you from your business. Could you image if they said yes. You would have to listen to that crap every time you stopped in to empty your machine.

Good luck. Don't give up. This business is meant to be fun! But you may have to work at making that happen yourself.



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gary is right, it would take some of the fun out of your route if you had to see miserable people all day.

i love what i do and wouldnt do anything else, so i dont let those people bother me.

dont let it stop you from locating yourself, just say thanks and haul golpher to the next stop. if you sit in your car thinking about how much of an golpher someone was to you it will ruin your whole day of locating.

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after 8 years and 500 machines later, if the "decision maker" starts with a defensive response, i dont even go into a response mode with them, i always say " thanks for your time" and leave....although ive went back 6-12 months later and placed a machine with a 75 % placement rate...a-holes dont usually stay around forever............ps i have a 95% overall placement rate........sugar still wins over salt........hope this helps

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