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Hi everyone, I have surfed ths site many times, but never took the time to register. Finally registered because caserri asked me to twice i think on the other board. This board is awsome with lots of information!

Well about my self, I am 20years old now. I goto school in the mornings, work at a carstereo warehouse in the afternoon...so if you need any kiind of gadgets for the car let me know ;) , restaurant on the weekends and currently have 1 Uturn machine at a dealership for testing the water. I had that one vending machine for 3 months now and plan on expanding very soon. The one U turn machine has averaged $55 a month which is decent in my opinion for a 8 selection machine that is next to a 4 selection U-turn and a vendstar machine. Also, I support the NCCS organization. Also, I am doing all this on my own..my parents support me on this 0%. they do not believe in this kind of business.

Thats about all I do in life....working my way to financial freedom.!!!!

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Welcome Kaiwa!

I'm thrilled you decided to take the leap here at VENDiscuss! I would have just continued to bother you had you not joined. I don't give up that easily. :D

Its great to hear about your drive and ambition to start your own business at 20. It is very refreshing. As for the lack of support, don't sweat it. I still get looked at like I'm a lazy bum when I talk to people about my vending business. If I tell them I do soda machines everything is fine but as soon as I say bulk vending I'm met with disdain. "How can you make a decent living off of quarters?" My favorite is "I saw a guy empty the machine where I work one day. He only got about $20.00 worth of quarters out of there after a whole month!" I just chuckle and think to myself "yeah, and I bet he is hoping for that much from the other 999 machines he has out there!"

Fret not Kaiwa! You have a very supportive group of vendors here! Just don't let anyone steal your dreams.



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