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My First Four Locations


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I am working with Midwest Distribution to locate my first 10 machines.  They got me 4 today and will work on the other 6 on Monday.

The 4 locations are: a Waldbaum's Supermarket - in the employee Break Room, A Meineke Car Care Center in the waiting room, A Sports Bar, and another Bar!  I feel like a kid!  I am high as a kite with enthusiasm.

The Meineke and a bar wants the Dentyne machines.  Waldbaums and the Sports Bar want candy machines. I am not sure if I should place the NWestern double head or the Superpro.  I guess the employee breakroom should get the Superpro Trivend?  And the Sports Bar a double head? I am open to opinions. I bought Skittles, PMMs, Ike and Mikes, and Chickles. One of the bars don't want gum.


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Thank you Jimbo! I just found out the sports bar is actually inside a bowling alley.

I may have to get someone to help me carry these machines to the locations on Monday.  I was walking my chocolate labrador and he pulled me, and then I tripped on the sidewalk, and I went flying to the ground.  I think I cracked a rib on my right side.  I gotta get an x ray in the morning. Oh well........


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