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I was surfing through the net this morning and then played with Dun and Bradstreet.  That is pretty kewl web site.  You can get the site to focus in on any of a number of things in terms of finding specifif kinds of companies.  Deb and I are thinking of sending out mailers using the letter that Steve posted and we modified talking about children's cancer and the vending possibilities with nuts, gum, Dentyne, and candy.  I pulled up over 3,000 leads in 7 surrounding area codes from my house with address' to mail out flyers.  I think it cost something like $530.00.  I can modify that to 3 area codes etc. to make it alot cheaper.  Anyone ever utilize this tool?

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I know there is a member here (Alan L Sampson) who sent out an email patterned after that letter I posted to every email address on his local chamber of commerce website. He reported positive results from it and even forwarded some of the replies to me. I have not seen him on here in quite some time so I'm not sure how he is doing now. Hopefully he will check in soon and let us know further how he made out. I'm not too sure what the success rate would be with actual letters. It may be a bit more expensive than its worth. I would just be worried that I would end up paying $530.00 for 2 locations. :shock:

BTW, To those members who are not yet in member PLUS, the letter Johnny is referring to is a sample introductory letter that I have used during locating, with much success. It is located in the tools section of member PLUS. If you have 10+ posts request access to the PLUS section today!

***End of shameless plug.***


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Please don't take this personally. I think that a mailing has the least return on investment, ROI. I know that it seems that so many businesses will get your flyer but that's it. They will get it along with all the other advertisements and you know what happens to that stuff. If you send out 3,000 leads in those area's what if places call you that are not doing any business and just looking for something for free.

If you have $530 to spend on your business you would be better off picking the locations you really think will be good and offering them a $25 placement fee for letting you set up a machine. That's 21 locations you could get with that $530. Or you could offer the best of the best $50 for placement of a machine. You could even get 2 or 3 machines in a location for $50. How many other vendors can make that kind of offer?


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Gary.......I had never thought about giving a placement fee to a location.  That could be a good idea.

The other thing is if I did mail out flyers, and let's say 5-10 called back?  I would speak with them about their business and also go look at it to see if it worth the effort.  Just a thought.


I think that I eventually ( soon ) need to get out there and start to do my own locatiing. Starting it and getting over the dears of that is the big thing for me I think. ( being rejected will kick up my early childhood issues!.....lol )

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Direct mail campaigns can work it justs take some decent planning and a good copy writer,  also if you want to build a list for direct mail many public libraries have access to databases like the D&B for free.  One method I have used for securing large locations is a 3 fold method,  first I build a list of locations that meet my requirements (i.e. # of employees, zip code,accessibility,etc) and I send out a general letter of introduction,  do not expect much from this letter (only meant to get your name in their head),  followed by a phone call, and then in about 3 weeks I send out a final post card.  This 3 fold method works because many times the person making the decision about switching vending companies is busy doing other things and if you only contact them once they tend to forget you but if you keep hitting them often times they will remember you if the time comes and they are thinking of switching vending companies.  NOTE: this method is really meant for large scale locations and the costs involved would not justify trying this on a bulk route.


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