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New in Michigan -SRV


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My wife & I are starting a bulk vending business in Michigan.  The past couple of weeks we've been picking up some machines we bought off ebay and have been getting some candy & stickers to get started.  We are starting out with 60 machines (6 vendstar & 54 triple vendesign)  My cost per machine was about $35 each with the majority of the machines in very good shape, is that a decent price for used machines?  We also bought 10 medical vending machines to look at placing in manufacturing companies.


We are starting the locating process & i was hoping for some tips.  Thanks in advance for everyone's feedback on my questions?

-We are thinking about using use local charities, what % or amount of contribution does everyone typically do?  Do you share this information with the locations?

-Is it better to try to place machines over the phone or in person?  If in person, should you call in advance or just stop in?

-Should you take a machine in with you as you try to place it in person?

-I've seen some mention of using gift cards, but any other ideas for locating other than using charities?

-Are there better times of the day to try to locate & how does locating on weekends work?


Again, thanks for the feedback.

 Sweet Relief Vending (SRV)


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Welcome to the board. Its a pleasure to have you here. Check out this link, it will direct you to our most informative topics here at VENDiscuss. Most if not all of the questions you just asked will be answered there.


Also, feel free to re-post your questions in the bulk section for better visibility and response.

Once again, Welcome and I look forward to your participation here.


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In person is the only way to build a profitible route


I always keep machines in the truck when looking for new accounts. If they say yes I go out and get it out of the truck

Gift cards are good but the charity route is always the best way to get location. Weekdays the decision maker is most likely to be there

We give 10% of all gum sales on our route. I sell this like this. ::Charity gets thier share from All gum sales. If they ask what I get I say if I can put in two heads or three I would make some off of the M & M's or other items that are not Gum. 

Any other questions shoot them out. These were just a few fast responces but I can get into more details if you need them.


Uptheodds Vending

600 Heads-300 Locations


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Just to let you all know,  I have Philip Vernon's guy here locating this week.  He lives in Dearborn.  I will let you know how he does.  He worked 1/2 a day last week and was sick the rest.........but I have to say so was I so I did understand.  It is hard going out cold calling in this Michigan weather....brrrrrrrrrrrr


p.s.    The FAITH VENDING name came from -----my husband and I have a lot of

 FAITH this vending buz is GoING TO WORK!!  :D   I really am not sure if we are going to keep it this name.  We order our business cards next week so I have to think about this more.

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