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Hi Guys,  My name is Art.  I am glad that there is a site such as this. I never knew it existed until several days ago. I was referred by another member.  A little about me:  I placed my 1st gum-ball spiral machine in late 1997 just to earn extra money.  I was working a job in a warehouse at the time. I became more and more interested in vending after seeing the potential of growth.  I placed my second spiral 3 Months later and Placed a Wowie Zowie early in1999 (which I bought with borrowed money)   To make a long story a little shorter.  during the following 5 years my route grew to over 125 machines and I quit my job.  I now operate 205 machines including bulk toys, gum-balls, Drink & Snack Candy Cranes and Plush Cranes.  Doing this was difficult but with great encouragement mostly from my wife and a desire to follow my dreams I now enjoy what I do.

To all of you who are new to vending and may think you can't do it. 1st you dream it then you have to want it. And remember the work never stops.


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