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Newbie locater's first day report


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I went out today with a fully ready machine and tried 4 shopping centers full of bussinesses to find a location. after visiting about 30 locations I would say 20 were corporate and didn't want anything to do with it.

Papa John's general manager wasn't there, but the kids said they used to have machines there, so i'll try there again. A lot of owners weren't there, and the 3-4 that were there said no.

I had one maybe from a new grand opening location, but it is just a small women's clothing shop. The guy there had to ask his wife for permission.

The last two places look promissing. One is a busy little thai resteraunt. The other is a small mexian place that has a spiral gumball machine, so I will put a double head of skittles, and runts next to it. I'll hold off on my next post until I get a location secured.

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Great job Leo! The important thing is you are getting out there and doing what you can to succeed. I give you much credit for that. We all know the hardest thing about this biz is locating. Don't let the "no's" get you down. It just means you are 1 pitch closer to that "YES"!

Keep us updated and don't feel you need to wait until you secure a location before you post. There are many vendors here who may be able to constructively critique your efforts and give you some insight that will help you.

Good luck and don't give up!


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