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First Machine Placed!


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I followed up with the Thai restaurant I visited last night and had lunch there at 1pm. I think Casseri mentioned this technique. It wasn't a stretch, since the place is right next door to my day job, and I eat here more often than anywhere else.

I talked to the manager, and within 2 minutes she said go for it. Luckily I had my fully ready machine waiting in the car from last night. I placed it right at the front, in front of some plants, so it is the first thing you see from outside.

Their windows are tinted and under an awning, so no sun problems.

I moved the plant branches, so no ant paths to the top of the machine. The pole has double sided carpet tape to prevent ants.

I placed a double head with Magic Gumballs on one side and Runts on the other. The Runts vend about 9-10 pieces per quarter. (set to middle)

This Thai place is mainly teen and older, so I was wondering if this is the best type of candy. I choose gumballs and runts because they are the cheapest. Also the runts head has a free 8oz cup dispenser on it to allow convience on multiple vends.

Do I have all my bases covered?

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