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Was wondering if any of you have sticker machines in your business. Was thinking of expanding to my bulk candy locations. Have had to pull a lot of candy over time because of just going bad and thought  " HUH", no spoilage in stickers machines. Any thoughts??

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That is the direction we are starting to go in our business.  Not that we will ever get away completely from gum and candy. To us it just makes sence to add more non-perishable items to our routes.

That too can have problems. Will they go out of fashion before will sell out ? Well many things are cyclical. Another thing to consider in this relm is seasonal items. NFL cards and cups do well each and every year during football season. Rest of the year they just look pretty in your machines.

I could write a book about 1.1 and 2 inch caps. LOL



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There is no spoilage ,so to speak, w/ stickers. However each item has a life span., And it is VERY difficult to get rid of an old item. With toys you can always make a mix with a loss leader. With stickers the best you can do is a 25 cent Mystery Mix Column. And that's not so effective.

Right now there are some very good selling Sticker items. Mostly Tattoos actually. In warm weather you should be selling twice as many tattoos as stickers. But the last few years before 2007 were weak years for sticker sales.

It is a completely different business, Ronzo, with a learning curve all it's own. One thing you will find out is not to try and guess what is going to sell but to test a lot of items in small quantities. However, if you've got less than 5 machines out there that is very difficult to do.

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