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Keating Candy


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Angel's Auto Title





Auto Paint World



very sad! 


Brown's Tire










Fran Burne





Heavy Duty Parts





Kelly Mazda





Kelly's Coll





Ken's Auto Body





MetLife Financial





Murray's Kawasaki



couldn't open one of the heads. 


PDQ Printing





Total Collision




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Looks like you have some excellent locations there and some that are on he chopping block I assume? What type of equipment are you running and are these location averages or per head?


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Yeah most of these are only there a month because I just grew from 3 to 30 machines so I have to give them at least another month to see


The numbers I gave are per location.

I run mostly used 1800 vending machines(20) 2 head NAV (7) and 3 vendstars

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