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Daves Brother

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Dave did some bulk machines a few years back and was just coming into the "breaking loose" point (by that I mean the point where your biz generates enough to get and place a new machine each month) but the company he was working for at his "day" job started sending him out of town for long stretches... That kills a one man operation ...  So eventually he had to let go of it.

I heard of his trial and error, successes and failures first hand and was VERY interested in getting involved in vending myself. (I have been for 10+  years, ever since I went to a "Silent Sales Force" PMA sales seminar ) I presented some of the information to Dave, and he began doing serious deep research. He got started and had to stop ... the rest is history.

But I digress; shortly after my interest in vending began I started working nationwide, and living “on the roadâ€. I loved it, and gave up the idea of vending until I settled down. Currently I have been in this area for a whole two years (Imagine that… two entire years living in the same place). I also found a Great wife. Now that I have settled down (at least for a while) I am pushing the vending angle again.

I have no ACTUAL experience personally, but I have a year of vicarious experience through my brother, and tens (if not hundreds) of years of wisdom from these boards (yes I have been doing a LOT of reading, and will continue to do so).


My general business plan involves starting with a small capitol investment, and re investing continually until I build to Coke/ Pepsi and snack stuff, assuming I have the guts for it, eventually weaning myself off of employer dependency, and becoming self sufficient. I realize that won’t happen overnight, but the future will happen with no regard to weather or not I build a business, so I may as well get started.


Specifically I am considering starting with 5 single head Dentine Ice machines (using a locator) which… with some additional personal investment should start netting me a machine per month within a short time frame. My goal is 21 bulk machines pulling national average range(I think $7.50) or better by 2009.

I would like to have 17 singles 2 doubles (double head single machines) and one triple (break room @ work) and possibly a small double in the guard shack.


So… let’s call it the 21 by ’09 campaign. I think it is realistic and easily attinable through dilligent effort.


What are your thoughts?


PS. I see a lot of your posts on the boards … good thoughts….


Dave’s Brother  (aka) Trevor … out …

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I got a real good chuckle out of your post, and fully understand EXACTLY what you mean. I think this is a terrific site, and have always had good solid advice from Dave. (He does diligent due process in the area of research before ever making a recommendation) He has been very close to, if not right on, the mark for a straight 30 + years now with his advice to me (that's a very impressive record). SO ... in short if Dave says these boards are good ... then they are good ;)

I have poured over the information firsthand and fully understand the value of the advice here as well as the close association with the members here. I am getting more and more excited and motivated the more I read.  Once I get this "tank" / Snowball rolling it will be difficult to stop.

Thanx for the welcome .... I am doing my research so I don't end up with no paddle...



DB ... out ...

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The most important thing I got out of your post was that you have a plan. The plan could always change along the way if it becomes more positive or negitive than you orginally thought. You have a vision for 2009 and it is an obtainable set of goals, (21 by 09). The Dentine Ice machines seem to be the talk-of-the-town right now. They will probably get you in to places you can't with regular candy machines so it will be interesting to hear how the locator does with them. I personally like placing all my own machines because I am more concerned about the long haul. I am not knocking locators, I just think they are in the business of making placements and moving on to the next vendor. It's a placing business not a bulk candy vending business. I don't know how I got off on locators???

Anyway, I really look forward to hearing each step of your goal become a reality.


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SuperPro, the makers of the Dentyne Ice machine, is a sponsor of VENDiscuss. They offer our membership an exclusive discount. Check them out in the "Special Buys" section.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry I took a while to get back to you, Holidays been blowing up in my face .... Too much to do and not enough hours. Anyhow the DI machines were highly recommended by my brother and that’s good enough for me, his enthusiasm is enough to get me excited.

Basically if you have watched much television at all you will have seen the DI marketing blitz ... It's like free logo recognition, and great mass marketing, all in one little package ready for you to launch... What's not to love about them?  Seriously the final profit numbers might be less than gumballs ... but how many gumball ads have you seen lately? Ok that's kind of beside the point ... but TV ads DO affect the average consumer's buying habits... In the right placement of these machines the sales will be automatic. People will buy from those machines without even thinking in a lot of cases... simply because of the marketing blitz, along with the connotation of their advertisement.

I feel as though it is a really good machine to start with because the number of vends should be fairly high. Also if you look at the machine it is clear to see that this is the next new wave of bulk vending, and perhaps a whole niche of vending. I am no marketing genius but it makes good sense to me to jump on the gravy train.

You see for many years I have understood that john Q Public is conditioned to do things, say things, think things, and buy certain things – if I could find a way to capitalize on that, I could without question make money from it. The DI machine gives me a small opportunity to test that theory, and without a large investment. That is a little bit of my reasoning. I hope this answers your question.

As far as cost, I hold it to be that 1) you get what you pay for 2) I want quality machines (that look good), and am willing to pay more for that 3) each machine (at least with the promo package) comes with product, enough to pay for most of the cost of the machine.

All that, bundled up, and shipped to my door, makes for a rather tempting offer, especially for someone just starting out. (I will be using a locator) All I have to do is pick up the phone, purchase the machines, and wait for them to get here, call the locator and drop off the assembled, filled machines. It sounds almost too easy.

I know there are other factors but I like the look, feel, and gist of it.

DB (aka) Trevor out …

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