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Seaga Millenia mis-vend issu


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Dear senior Seaga operators:

I have noticed Millenias misvending from time to time.  When this has occured, disassemble the machine enough to check where the candy-wheel arrow is, and notice that it has been mis-aligned.  Basically, the gear turns, but it doesn't fully engage the candy wheel gear, which 'pops-up' slightly and won't turn with the gear.

I have noticed from fooling around that this can occur as a result of a slightly bent center-rod.  If it's leaning against the candy wheel, this facilitates the candy-wheel popping up when the mech gear turns.  The issue seems to occur sometimes even when the center rod is straight, though.

Is this a known-issue for you folks?  I'm hoping so, and that there is a known fix as well.



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I have noticed this with the older A&A machines. I had someone send me a few older machines (15+ years old), they sometimes misvend. Have never been able to fix, but the more candy in the machine, the less misvend. I am not a senior Seaga operator, but just thought I would say I am having the same problems, with other machines. Don't think it is just your machines, it is a known issue, and would love to solve this problem.

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Fixed the issue (on the Seagas, at least).

I identified the main issue as being the gap between the bottom of the candy housing and the top of the candy wheel.  I noticed I could easily reproduce the issue (on all the machines I have in-house right now) by turning the handle as far as it would go clockwise, and then letting go, and letting it spin backwards rapidly.  Every 2 or 3 tries, it would skip at least one tooth on the way back, thus advancing the wheel one click further on the next turn.

I brought a machine to Home Depot, and tried out various mechanical solutions.  Eventually I found one that seems to be 100% consistent.  I bought 5/16" Flat Washers (flat cut on the in-store label).  20 for $1.80.  I just slide that on top of the candy wheel, and then put the candy housing wheel on top.  Once the top is screwed on, the globe base keeps the wheel housing from bumping up, which gives the washer and thus the candy wheel very little wiggle room.  I have only tested this WITH the adjustor plate in place, if that is removed that may trigger the issue again.  I haven't tested this yet (but I'll drop a brief note in here once I do.)

Note that while the 1/4" washer is a better fit in terms of the center rod, the washer itself is not as thick, and with my in-store test, was still skipping a tooth occasionaly.

Hope this helps out.  Kyle can you report back if the same result is possible on the A&As?


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