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Interesting story and my video troubleshooting


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I was locating the other day, and I noticed this hair salon already had a gumball machine, that didn't look soo hot. I asked the owner and she said she owned it. She started asking me if I would sell my machine, and I asked why. Apparently her doublehead gumball machine (gumballs on both sides) had stopped working a while back, and she wanted a new one. I offered to look inside and see if it was fixable, and noticed the coin mechanisms where jammed with quarters, and one side lost a spring. I found the spring laying in the quarters and was able to fix it on the spot. I asked if she thought the quarters would be fair compensation, and I made 11$ in change for a simple repair while locating.

She apparently also had a doublehead candy machine working at one point, but it was broken also. I thought this would be another easy repair, but it looks like the plastic part that rotates around has worn down, and doesn't push the stopper properly when turning the handle. The video shows the situation. The machine looks like a NW knockoff, and isn't branded anywhere. Any idea how to fix this or get a replacement part? I was thinking of building up the worn out plastic with some JB weld...


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