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Ashland Gumball Machines


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I had to superglue about half of my coin mechs to keep them working. The other half broke in areas where they could not be fixed. Kids, or adults acting like kids, would cut the thin globe with a knife or scissors and take what product they wanted. There is a small space on the inside, between the base and body that quarters will fall into causing quarters to fall all over the floor when you remove the body for collection. The product wheel wore out so fast that it misvends more than vends. The non smooth surface of the plastic top was impossible to keep clean. At least one of the center rods would strip when I would remove them to adjust a candy wheel. I had red ones and the paint faded very fast, but not uniformly, making it look very bad. Every single one of them that I have seen used the same key. The chute would fall out of position. The chute cover would fall off, or rise up and jam the mech.

I can't remember how many I bought, I believe about 30 doubles within the first two months of starting in vending. I also bought a rack. I quit buying them because I was having so much trouble, all within 60 days. I kept using them as long as I could and they were all broke and pulled from locations within 2 years. I've just got to have better quality and longer lasting machines.

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