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How it is made


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There is a program on cable called HOW IT IS MADE

Last night they featured the BEAVER vending machines. They showed how every part is made then they put together about a dozen machines. The segment was only about 10 min long but very interesting.

The program is a usually shot in Canada and Beaver is up in that area. They also showed several drawers full of the coin mech.(along with the coin) for every country they ship to. One country in Africa uses a 5 £ (pound) coin.



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I have put off the new product for a short while. I had surgery a while back and I do not want to do too much till it heals. The doc said to expect at least another 5 weeks. I am back at work but hobbling around like an old man. Wait, I am an old man.:( at least that is what my teenage daughter says. (kidding of course)

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"Making a candy machine" Thats not bad for a copy of a copy dubbed with British English and sub-titled in a middle eastern language. :P

How it's made is one of my favorite shows. Now I will watch the gum one, missed that one.


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