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Our 1st day......

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The wife and I spent our holiday filling the 3 machines ( 1 soda and 2 snack ) we just bought together and it only took us 6 hours! Yes, 6! The nice lady that we bought them from didn't have a system as far as what goes where so It was up to us to figure it out. We bought way more product than we needed but I can honestly say that both snack machines are full and after everything we still managed $75 in profit.

Hope everyones 4th was as great as ours!

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No we havent but i know we need to. Wheres the best place to order locks and is it pretty simple changing them out?

Yes, it is VERY easy to change out a lock.

obviously unlock you lock where the handle pops out, loosen it as if you are going to open the machine, when it is all the way unscrewed, turn the handle slowly,  in between the handle and the slot the handle locks into, you will see an empty square cut out and you will see a square cut out that is filled, if you turn your key, inside your lock that button will go down.  get a small screwdriver, ink pen, whatever.  push the lock down into the square hole while GENTLY pulling the key,  the lock will come right out. 

To put the new one in, just slide the new lock in and turn it with the key until it snaps in place.

You can find people that sell them used on ebay.  Last week I bought a lot of 17 of them. 8 were keyed alike with three keys. (one key opens 8 locks)  4 were keyed alike with 2 keys.  then 6 locks all keyed differently for less than $32 shipped to my door.

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