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I am new to this whole Vending business but I am going to be starting on Jan 7th 2008. I am a Supervisor at a Factory and will be doing the Vending for the Factory. I have looked through most the posts on this site and I notice that its geared mostly towards bulk vending. Does anyone have a site that is geared most towards full line vending? I found this site from www.vendingchat.com It really sounds like everyone in here knows a lot and has a lot of useful information Im just looking for more full line vending stuff. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks in Advance

Bass Vending Services

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Welcome to the forum Bass! Its a pleasure to have you aboard. While this forum is predominantly bulk vendors, we do have quite a few full liners. They do not post as much but they do check in from time to time. Feel free to post up any full line questions you may have. You might prompt a few of them to pipe up!

Once again, welcome!


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