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Hey everyone, from Texas here. Only recently decided to get into vending, bought my first and only machine back in March. It's a combo machine made by Gensis. Only twenty years old, so don't have much money so I will have to expand slowly. Don't really want to go into bulk vending, would rather stay with coke/snack machines. Anyone have some tips for a newbey?

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Welcome to Vendiscuss Emrys!

  I am a bulk vendor but can give you some advice: 

1)  Location is very important in this business and if you get a good location with your combo machine, you can really get the ball rolling.

2)  Grow at your own pace ( which it sounds like you are doing).

3)  Keep your machines stocked and clean.  This sounds obviouse, but you will see when you start locating, or even when you are just out on the town, there are a lot dirty empty machines out there.

4)  Enjoy yourself and get your daily dose of Vendiscuss.

Best of luck to you!

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Right now my combo is placed in my step-mom's hair salon, don't really know how to go about finding locations so it's all I got at the moment. I'm wanting to get a second location, got the money to buy another machine. Thanks for the advice!

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