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How Do I Determine My Route's Worth?


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If you dont have an audited financial statement or your tax return copy to back up the income of the route, I would not pay more than the price of used vending machines. The value of the location IMO is zero if it cannot be supported by an audited financial statement.

If the numbers can be documented, I beleive the rule of thumb is 9 to 12 time the average gross monthly income it generates....

I might have to sell my vending business. Does anyone know if there's a rule of thumb for sales price based on revenues?



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I agree.

Same as above. Without an actual documentation of the routes income, you can't prove what you make. Not to say there aren't uninformed folks out there, cause there are plenty, but an experienced business person or route operator will want proof. Otherwise it's a crapshoot on their part. The locations are worth the used machines and a locator fee basically.

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