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Average life or Life Expectancy of machines?


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Did searches for it here and on Google, but did not have much luck...

For my accountant to do my taxes, I'm suppose to tell her the average life or the life expectancy of bulk head vending machines so that it can be deducted properly.

What is the life span of the following...

1. Vendstar: ?

2. 1800Vending: ?

3. Amerivend: ?

Or at least where exactly can I find this info?

Any help you can provide is most helpful

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I put 10 years...I am sure it's longer, as you can just replace pieces and parts down the line. I have a number of machines that are five years old or so. I know that if you buy import machines, the mech is rated for 20000 turns which is about $5000 worth of service per head, and if the average head does $7 per month you'd get 59 years before reaching that goal....lol Realistically, it seems like most machines operate without issue until the 5 year mark.

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