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If browser doesn't remember user name and password


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I updated my browser and some how lost all my user names and passwords. So every site I went to for the first time since the upgrade, I had to enter all the info and have the browser save it.

However, Vendiscuss wouldn't give me the option to do so, and every time I clicked on the book mark, I had to manually log in.

I signed in just a few moments ago and saw an option at the top of the page labeled "advanced log in" I clicked it and signed in then my browser gave me the option to save the info.

Just thought I would pass this finding along if anyone is having problems saving their log in info for Vendicuss.;D

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Thanks Nin,

Yea this was just discussed in another thread but thanks for bringing it up in case anyone else missed it.

I guess it would have cut down on my aggravation if I would have used the search feature then huh... ;)

Thanks Steve!

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