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Good news, we can easily become trillionaires.


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Think the competition is fierce now? Better start growing that route aggressively, because instead of your competition dropping dead at a reasonable age... they're going to be battling you until you're well over 300 years old.

Good news, though... you can easily become a trillionaire with some very average investing skills. How about some average performing mutual funds?

Here's the bad news... everyone will be on the same footing. And instead of dying of old age, you're now much more likely to die of some other random cause. You can probably avoid most random accidents resulting in death by sheer luck, but what are the chances when your life is 5x as long?

The other bad news is that you're actually going to need that trillion dollars. Just kidding. An average 10% yield should support most lifestyles just fine with $10m.

How about world food shortages? There might be a tightening of the worlds resources. Imagine how the population will grow...

Will you become smarter? I'm thinking you'll probably become wiser, but considering how your brain sheds itself through life, I'm imagining your intelligence will level off at the point at which your brain made the most of it's capacity in younger life.

Who wants to live forever? Scientist sees aging cured [link]

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