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Bulk Candy Suppliers


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Hey all,

I have been away sort of for some time. Hope you all remember me. I have been just kind of cruising along with about ten machines out for some time. My son even took it over for awhile because I was so busy at my regular job. I am back now and am shocked to see prices at some of my online shopping places. There used to be a list of candy suppliers here, but the format is different and I can not find it anywhere.

Am I just crazy or have things really gone up that much? I usually (and have been for a couple years) from URM Cash and Carry out of Lewiston Idaho. She is having a hard time finding some of the candy I want lately, like Mike and Ike. I am about out and need more desperately. But with prices being charged online (like 13 to 15 bucks) plus shipping (like another huge amount) it makes an ounce of candy costing me almost more than I charge!

Any advise would be helpful.

MountainMan Mike

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Welcome back Mike! It's always good to see the Charter members again.

As stated, we now have a links section that lists the websites of many suppliers.

Good luck!

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