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  1. Can't tell for sure by pictures, do you have at leaste a dozen or so of each coin in coin mech? Do you have product in machine so there not all showing soldout?
  2. That apears to be a eport edge model. If so it is complete. The newer G8,s n G9,s have a separate modem box with the telemetry and they also have the contact less payment logo on card reader.
  3. The last 2 Office Deli's I bought I gave $150.00 for the pair and that was just for coin mechs and bill validaters the rest of them went to scap yard.
  4. I would have argued that a month ago, but now I have been waiting 3 weeks for 2 replacement G9 card readers from them. The units getting replaced are less than 8 months old. Last time I had an issue they had a replacement to me in a week. What up with them now?
  5. Usa tech told me they are outdoor rated so we have had some outdoors now for a year or so.
  6. What part of the snowbelt are you in? I'm in Northern Iowa it seem like it winter for about 7-8 months here. People are used to floors getting tracked up, most have big mats down at there entrances. We just carry a towel n wipe up what the rug didn't catch when we're done.
  7. Most newer coin mech s will not accept silver coins. The 27 nickel is made of nickle they only made silver nickels in 42
  8. I have a couple DN276E on hand but it's too wide for the location. Until they remodel there break rooms I am stuck with the cb300's unless there is another better machine out there that size I don't know of.
  9. I know you are all trying to help but i am wanting a deck. I like having a deck on hand to just swap at a location then get the take out repaired and ready for the next down unit. I know you guys are going to say it's a waist of money to just have a deck sitting around but my time is valuable and it's a waist having a machine on site not selling anything while waiting for repair. That is why I wanted a reconditioned deck as I now have 4 of these machines on locations that have no space for a bigger better machine. I have a cooling repair guy that is good, reasonable priced but slow.
  10. The problem is, it is broke and no one close by that repairs them. It is starting to frost over the coil and yes it is clean and all 4 fans are working. We just purchaced this on location so we don't know the history on it but it was 3/4 froze over we thawed it down and within in 20 was starting to frost over.
  11. Where can you get a reconditioned cooling deck for a USI CB300? (3172) I would like to just swap in out to save downtime instead of taking this one out and having it repaired.
  12. Where can you get a reconditioned cooling deck for a USI CB300? (3172) I would like to just swap in out to save downtime instead of taking this one out and having it repaired.
  13. Will an arcade validater work on vending? I have tried it the other way around and it won't work.
  14. I did get some of the water bottle shims in from Wittern and installed them on the Pepsi products that were causing problems and so far no jams. It seams odd they have been working for a couple years and now they need shimmed.
  15. Middle column in the rear is where The problem bottles are now.