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Hello from Knoxville


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My husband and I operate a vending business in the Knoxville, Tennessee region. I was laid off last year from my job, and in an effort to not go out of my mind with boredom sitting at home, we discussed and purchased an already established route from a gentleman who was moving out of the area.

Skipping forward a few months, my husband is also in the business full time and we are currently supporting ourselves with our business. Life is good. Of course, we don't have as much money to socialize as we used to when working for corporations, but there is something to be said for being totally self-supporting when running your own business. A little exciting, a little scary.

We have added additional locations over the last few months, and are working on making this business something we can live comfortably on (no more Hamburger Helper soon, I hope!).

Being in this business has opened our eyes to new wonders and events around us. For instance, I predicted to my husband that January was going to be a slower month for us because several of our machines are in female-centric businesses, and of course they are all on their obligatory New Year's Resolution diets. Thankfully that is now coming to an end ;-)

I hope to become a full fledged member of this community and glean information from everyone who has an opinion. And reading this board for about an hour, that means pretty much everybody!

Thanks, and good night!

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