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Want to be a TVF moderator?


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I am currently looking for 2 additional volunteers to serve as a TVF moderators. When we first chose moderators, we initially had 3. Over the years that number has dwindled to just one. With recent growth, I am finding it more difficult for Gary and I to keep up with moderating responsibilities. Most notably, keeping the peace. These positions would be purely voluntary and you would not be required to log in any more often than you usually do.

The two mod positions I am looking to fill would consist of one member who specializes in bulk vending and the other who specializes in full line. While the new mods will have mod capabilities across the entire forum, your main responsibility would be to moderate your specific forum. (bulk or full line) Gary will remain as global mod over the entire site.

The only requirement for consideration would be that you are an active member who has been here for at least 1 year.

If anyone is interested in one of these positions, please send me a PM.

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Sherlock has volunteered to be our bulk vending mod. Thanks Sherlock for offering your help.

I think everyone here can agree that mission and sherlock are fantastic choices for their respective areas. Along with Gary, our team should now be more than capable to address any problems that may come up.

I appreciate everyone elses responses but the positions are now filled.

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