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Bulk machine refurb, restore to new or better!


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My friend and I set up a powdercoating shop. We have facilities to chemically strip and sandblast items down to bare metal, and repaint with powdercoat paint. Powdercoating is a type of paint that is more durable than spray paint. It goes on completely even and bakes to a beautiful glossy shine, even without a clear coat (though clear coat is available)

we tried it out on some old junk machines purchased from a yard sale:


Here is one after stripping and re-spray with a metallic flake paint (no clear coat)


While we figure most business would come from automotive and motorcycles , we did these for fun, but I thought this could be a good market. As you all know many bulk operators run cruddy looking equipment. Having factory fresh equipment can really set you apart from the pack.

We worked out pricing and are willing to do some introductory specials for TVF members, especially if you have volume. If you are in florida we can come pick up your equipment most likely. If you are elsewhere freight shipping is available.

More examples of our work are forthcoming, but the pictures don't do it justice. we can also prepare a sample piece for you.

Many colors and options available. Please PM me for more information or reply here and I will

answer general questions.

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