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compressor swap

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I have a USI drink machine that the compressor has went out on. I found a replacement that is exactly the same except only 3000 BTU when the original is 4000. will it still work?

It may have to work a little harder to cool the machine down but if it fits and everything matches up I say run with it

I have taken compressor decks out of dixie narcos and shoved them in vendos just to get the machine back on line because everything almost lined up and the wiring was the same with no problems

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In my opinion most USI refer units are under sized from the get go.

The worst one is the 10 select models.

The problem with under sizes units is if they don’t reach their set point the unit never turns off. Parts of the coil are below freezing and frost over which is normal, but the unit needs to get to the set point and cycle off allowing it to defrost within a few hours.

You may get away with it a room air conditioned to 68 degrees, but not likely in a room that is 105.

Are you changing Freon flavor from the factory designed one?

Is the oil in the new compressor compatible with the old oil in the system?


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