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Something funny for the bulk operators


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Recently, the state of Wisconsin has been stepping up in fighting obesity. Governor Walker threw a whole handful of money at the problem back in December in the form of the "Get Active" campaign. Government buildings were booting some older vendors who weren't willing to go with the program's rigorous guidelines. As an opportunist, I went and had a meeting with a representative from the county health department, hoping to get a contact on the inside, and hopefully some good locations. Evidently the program hadn't done very well for them, and they were having to strong arm larger vendors into shaping up their product lines in the form of fees. They were thrilled to have any positive response. Stickers, posters, and select products would be free to me through the program. However, I really threw a monkey wrench in the meeting when I explained I was a bulk operator. They hadn't any contingency for this. Because a lot of these sorts don't know the difference, and saying the words "gumball machine" tend to be a deal breaker, I had my spare Vendstar canister with me, and the meeting went on. After they pitched a few suggestions my way, none of which would be feasible, they thanked me for my time, and said they would get back to me on it. That time has come. I wasn't sure whether to post this, but I was laughing out loud. It has to be shared.

In the email, they explain that THIS is the best way to begin vending healthy options for bulk operators, and that the website explains it best. I'm sure you've all been to this website...


Last I had heard, U-Turn's "Healthy Cravings" Biz-Op was finished. I don't see them anywhere, or hear any chatter about them. Probably for the best. I thought this was hilarious- imagine, U-Turn leading the vending industry into a healthier tomorrow! Too funny!

In all seriousness, if there was a spot that desperately wanted "healthy" options, I'd oblige them, but why on earth would you use a Terminator to do it?

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