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Bubble Gum Machines


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Is it worth it? How much can you see making?

If you mean your just starting out or never vended GBs before then it can do well. Depends on 2 things: placement in a location with a lot of kid traffic and buying a good machine cheap. Gumballs have the highest profit by only costing 2.2 cents each. For Adult locations use tab gum with a cost of around 2.6 cents per serving of 7 pieces.

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Thank you. Yes I'm a newbie. Trying to decide between BG, Vendstar or maybe honor boxes

Look for deals on craigslist. Ive bought machines for as low as $10. If you use ebay set the distance of search at 50 miles max and email the sellers that sell machines near you. Shop sam`s club for your candy and gum.(I still cant find a cheaper place) A&A for toys.

It takes time to make money and the more locations you have the better your chances. Buy machines low. What ever the seller is asking, offer less.

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Like any other business, bulk vending is what you make it.

And to be successful, doing it well is not enough...you need some luck too.

That's just the way of the business world.

Now, the best piece of FIRST ADVICE I can give to any newbie is this:

Before you post any questions on this forum, spend several hours worth of computer time reading and reading all of the information available to you here.

Reading for hours before asking questions will do two things for you:

1. It will set a much more solid foundation for your business venture because you will have found answers to questions you would never think to ask. Some newbies are content to just ask question after question and all they ever gain is the info given in response to their inquiries....which is never enough for a new vendor.

2. Investing the time to read most of the info on this forum will help a newbie formulate better questions....which in turn makes the newbie more welcomed by the seasoned vendors here (which is always a good thing if the newbie wants solid advice). Too many newbies want quick answers and are set to jump in feet first without doing the background work. Nothing turns off a potential mentor like a newbie who is unwilling to do lots of their own leg work.

There is a wealth of experience and information here about vending.

And it's all available to someone that's willing to do their due dilligence and keep a good attitude.

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