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Anyone have machines in a BMV or emissions testing place?


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I had to get my car e-checked today and noticed they had a candy machine.

I asked the lady working there how do I go about placing a machine in a E-check building.

She say she wasnt sure but who ever owns that machine needs to get in and fill it.

I gave her my card and let her know that if they are unhappy with their current service, I can put a machine in and it will never run out.

Next I get to the BMV...

The lady asks if i`d like to donate a dollar to whatever charity. I say yes, then talk about the cause I donate to with my vending route. I gave her my card and she will tell her boss about it.

I get that dollar donation question a lot in stores and besides suporting what it is, I see it as an opportunity to ask about placement in their business.

I know government buildings are not impossible because I almost bought a BWC location.

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