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Suzo happ charging sales tax in Alabama


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I placed a Suzo Happ order today and saw sales tax added to my order. The rate was 11.7 % the tax rate here is only 9% and as far as I know Suzo Happ does not have an office or store here. Any one else seen this with them?

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they just got bought out i do know that..The new owners may have sales people in Alabama,all it takes is one part time sales person and they will pop that on you..

I really don't like their system of double charging when you use a debit card,,they charge a "estimated charge with freight" then they charge the actual charge when it does ship... Then put the first charge back on the card,,if its a debit card used as a credit this is a hassle as i only have 1000 a day limit with my bank,,so if its a 700 dollar order it delays the shipping a day...

They really have some crazy policies but what can you do ?? they have most of the parts



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