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Finding New Sites!

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Ive only just joined this site, no idea it even existed!

Ive been vending for 1 year and have 10 machines.

When I look at the others they have over 100 sites and growing. I only do this part time so dont have much time to cold call new places.

I was just wondering where everyone attained their sites from? Whats the best technique? Hire a member of staff to call around or buy from people who are selling sites?

I have 6 can machines and 4 mars sweet machines. looking to find more sites to enable me to do this full time!

Also whats the best way to get big contracts with universities etc?



Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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I have been emailing/calling various businesses mainly schools and large office buildings. When I send the email I attach pictures of my equipment,pricing,selections sheet etc. This has actually worked pretty well more the email then cold calling. I just landed 150+ person account by sending random emails and also landed another new account I just set up with a soda machine only and it does about $100-$110 a week. The other thing I utilize is craigslist I am on craigslist every day posting ads. I received my airport location just from craigslist and 80% of my business. You have to be patient though sometimes you wont hear anything for 6 weeks then bam 10 people contact you about wanting vending service. Alot of vendors post a few ads then quit. I also use an in person locator at times but have not used him in awhile now. People say they dont have time to locate but you do you just have to do it a different way. Utilize your night time and weekends even if you just use google and yahoo mail every person that knows is one extra person that knows about your business

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