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100 dollar crane


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So this thrift store about an hour away has a claw machine. It is a treasure shop she said it needs a part but she don't know whitch one. The whole claw is sitting in the bottom of the claw. I'm wondering how hard that is to attach, also it has a DBA but I don't know if it works.

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what part of the claw, the whole gantry or just the claw? if its just the claw u just reel out the string a little

and attach the claw thru the hole,sometimes theres a tiny plastic washer to tie it to,otherwise just make a knot

and screw the cap of the claw back on.

look man for $100 u should bite the bullet even if its broke u will get some experience fixing it and

wont have to post so many threads its most likely fixable

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i dont mean to scare u off from asking, but i mean, $100? just buy it. if it powers on and coins up most likely it

can be fixed. most of the ones ur posting about i would buy without question. worst case scenario

u cant figure out and have to ask here how to fix it. i mean at least then we're giving u advice about

something u actually own. its hard to help when u cant give a lot of details on whats going on

the gantry is prob down because it was being moved. i tie up mine with zip ties but some people remove it for transport

its easy to get back on the rails u basically just sit it up there and reconnect the wire harness.

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