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Smart Monster Crane is well.. monster..


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Just got in a used smart monster crane..

got it at a great deal out of RI

$1800.00 shipped came on two oversized pallets

shrink wrapped, strapped and carboard covered..

60"W x 73"D x 76"H - Weight: 970 lbs.

Control panel needed new bolts $2.40

Added a Mars Dba used $100.00

had to replace claw string and Coiled coil wires..

went to guitar store and got a coiled cord $37.00 and cut it to fit i have enough left over to do 2 more cranes..

I added some LED chasing light boxes to back wall 4 x$8.00 each ri novelty sells them

Clean up and new locks and its ready to go.

They even added 12 wheels to the bottom.. i didnt expect it to be on wheels. but thats a bonus

Assembly was easy 3 cotter pins and 3 wire harness connections

programming is auto-percentaging imput cost of product and win ratio..

everything else works great and it's going to make alot of money

now i need to decide to start with

10-12 inch knobby balls $2.00 per play play till you win... $5.00 = three plays

or 18-24 inch plush $1.00 per play auto-percent..

its near xmas so i am leaning plush..

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I have been debating about getting one of them to get rid of alot of oversized plush i have accumulated over the years... I used to get a piece in about every pre pack that would be "unwinnable" and eventually after months of going from crane to crane i would just throw it in big tub and sack it up..i have probably about 1000 or more pcs,everything from those "seven dwarfs" that toy factory was selling a few years ago to some big road signs plush to nascar pillows..just stuff my regular cranes couldnt win..

dont get many anymore as the jumbo we get now was considered medium just a couple years ago, but somehow we all got suckered into accepting it as the new jumbo and then having to pay more for it than we where paying for true jumbo!!


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