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Goodyear Tire Store -  $16.25   30 days   Triple PMM'S , Trail Mix, reese's

Jc Penney -                  $  2.00    07 days    PMM's

Ok so my first service was a total nitemare!!  Took 1 hour for me and my son to do. Live and learn i guess

Originally we dropped off The XYZ TRiple at the good year.. pre-filled ..yea candy everywhere when we set it down in the store.  The dividers weren't positioned properly ..but had no bags or gloves to fix the problem... WAs hoping it would work itself out. UMMM NO !! 30 days later go back there ..WOW all the reeses are almost gone..they sure do like them... opened up the machine to get the quarters? out spills all the reeeses...so lost all them and threw them out:((( It's a sad day...  So while we were there and more prepared I fixed the dividers. Let me just say i won't be buying anymore triples with dividers..to much nitemares with them.  I dunno. HOpefully she will be ok now.

Ok so we head off to jc penney after spending over 30 mins at good year cleaning up..LOL....all the candy off the floor ..and wiping the machine down..god i hope they dont kick us out  twice now we had problems there.

Anyways, we are at jc penney ...forgot to set the candy wheel before we dropped it off ..so i was concerned how many PMM's is this thing dispensing? Only 5...i thought damn not good enough...emptied the machine out took out the candy wheel and adjusted it..however neither one of us could remember how the springs went...so we guesssed...OK now it dispenses 25 PMM's per vend...well? we will have to leave it at that for now til we go back....to bad i didnt have the instruction booklet handy ..darn it. Oh well let it rain PMM's ..til next time.

So yea I am not having to much fun so far with this ..uggh...I guess i gotta screw up before i get it right...LOL

YOu aint kiddin when u say it is hard work...

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The good news is with only two placed your loss will be relatively small. It is always best to fail early and small and then get on with it. Make sure you keep your manual with your supplies and tools and always have them with you.

Next service it will be better.


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Ok I havent posted my numbers yet for the entire month of June.

But from my educated guess? I  have a profit margin of about 55%

That doesnt sound to great to me:(

My route is 22 miles round trip  so I factored in GAS, PRODUCT, and CHARITY. Not to mention other costs so less than that really.

I have some major dud locations that I got from my locator. One is making 50 cents for the month and the other 2 a lil over 2 bucks a month so will have to get replacements for those.

Again not really sure how much profit because most of the machines was losing candy and stuff ...because I didnt know how to set the candy wheels to the correct positions. uggh and spilling in coin drawers.. etc etc.  Been a rough month.. but now we got it all figured out:) So next month and all subsequent machines should be peachy keen.

So without further adeiu here are my numbers

26.75   GoodYear tire store ...triple xyz    PMM's, Reeses, Trail Mix

14.25   Jc Penney break room  NW single Pmm's

  2.00   Mark's Muffler - Seaga Millenia   - Trail mix

    .50   Frank's Mechanic  Shop - Seaga Millenia --PMM's

  2.50   St Pete Cafe----NW Single Gumballs

Total is  $46.00

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hey AHHA, try not to get bummed out.  Couple things I would give a try to......  i would put another head in the JCPenney breakroom.  I bet you could pull another $10 out of it.  The single head gumball, maybe try something different.  My gumballs just are not moving at all! I would also maybe start putting an extra week in before servicing again.

Just some thoughts, I think you add a few more machine withn your route and you'll start felling pretty good about things!

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