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Better Collecting Dust


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Here is a question for the board.  Do you think it is better a machine collecting dust in storage or at a low producing location.  Say the location is only pulling $3-$5/month gross and you are paying your charity $1/month.  Let's also say it is 2 miles from one of your best locations.

One one hand it is making something and you are sort of in the area.

On the other hand, something may go stale and anytime there a unit on site your risking break down or damage.


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If I am following you on this one, I think it is better to keep your machine at home and continue to look for a better location for it, instead of seating in an account doing $3-$5 per month. Your product will go stale and you will use more gas than it's worth. If you have another account in the area, maybe you can build that one up by adding another machine or look for someplace else.

In the beginning a placed equipment in every account I could find. As they stayed in the stores I began to see which ones were good and which ones were slow. As I got new stores I started pulling the slower ones out and moving them to the new locations.

Just keep tracking sales each month and analyze their value just like you are doing now. With that data you will make an intelligent decision every time.

I think that answered your question...


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I am brand new to this, but here are my thoughts on leaving it on location.

  • It is bringing in some money
  • I will leave it only a third full to help keep product fresh?
  • It provides free advertising for my business
  • The business owner may have a brother that has a larger business
  • Keep sit out of my storage
I will probably change my mind after running the business for awhile, but that is how I will start. Also, chances would be good that it would not be 2 miles further away and at the end of your route, but somewhere in the middle and you would drive by it anyway?
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MountainMan I like your reasononing.

I think the same way, I actually have a location that averages a $1.00 every 5 to six weeks. Not moving it till I get all of the machines out of my warehouse. Free storage is always nice. (location)

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I like Mountain Man's thinking also.  Free rent for now while looking for a new spot.  However if it was me i would also give it a few months with different candies to see if you find something that the place sells well.  If not it out of there when you find a location.

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