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My partner and I are going to make a offer to buy out a local vendor that has 75 locations in my area, I am looking for a offer form to make this all look profesional, do anyone have a form or know were I can get a good looking one free? Help would be great



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Thanks, will have to get the 20 posts in first i guess to find out. If you have a copy it would help out alot

Awww, where is the fun in that?:D Earn your stripes, there are many more goodies there as well.

BTW, Welcome to the community!


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I just got in myself, it's amazing - there's a whole new world behind dem der doors......

Narnia. . . . . ? 

But seriously Gary, there is some good stuff in there.  Be sure to make quality posts, and when you hit 20 Steve will hook you up.

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