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Jelly Beans


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Has anybody had any luck with these.

I'm thinkiing I'll put these in a resterant that only wants one head...It has all ages, and jelly beans are universal, no?


I use jelly beans in at least half of my locations, not because they sell well but because they last a long time in adverse conditions and are relatively cheap.

If you are stuck with one product only; use PMM's or gumballs as they both appeal to all ages. Better still bring two machines with you a single and adouble when you place it and show the owner that the second head really does not take up more space.

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I have 32 products and I'm cutting it down, hopefully to ten. I get request from break rooms for gumballs. So break rooms = adults, retail location = kids (grocery, restaurants ...) = all ages. And there is also at least one vendor here who only does gumballs.

Is it usually their first choice, NO, but when I change out PMMs and other products in the summer it is one of the only choices.

Ginger and GR Vending

Skittles are a dog for me, I have about 15 locations with it and only one actually moves any. It is also 2X plus more in cost here.

Again I did not pick Jelly Beans as a great seller but as a long life product. This allows me to basicaly ignore part of my route for a longer time while I concentrate on another portion. I purchased this route, it is currently 1,000KM's long, while I build the portion that is close to my community it does not make sense to remove the other 20 locations that I will eventually get rid of. They are on location and making some quarters. Look at the bottom of this post and see how many I already have in the warehouse.

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Mike and Ike is my number 2 seller as far as candy goes.  You do have to keep them (and any other jelly bean candy) out of heat and humidity or else they will gum up.  I do have some luck with Skittles.  But Skittles is mostly a kids candy and I only vend it in family or teen age locations.  Always try gumballs in EVERY LOCATION due to the great margin - you may be pleasantly surprised.  Do NOT think that gumballs are for kids only!!

Many years ago, I used to only offer chicle tab gum in adult locations and gumballs in family locations - big mistake.  I once had a charter air terminal that catered to upscale adults.  I initially had a 4-select U-Turn with chickle tab gum.  I replaced the 4-select with an 8-select a few months later and offered gumballs in addition to the chickle tab gum.  To my surprise, the gumballs were almost sold out and the chickle tab gum hardly even moved.  Once while servicing, a plane had just landed and many adults came up to the machine to buy just the gumballs.  I shook my head in disbelief.  From that day on, I offered gumballs in every location that will allow them.  Of course not every location buys gumballs, but that is true of any product you offer and trial and error is always needed.  Just serviced a large manfacturing plant the other day and the gumballs were the number one choice of those blue-collar workers.

Also make sure you are vending a fair quantity.  I have seen competing vendors only offer a very small quantity (like 6 or 7 Skittles per vend).  That will most certainly effect repeat sales if the customer thinks they were ripped-off.  Just my 2 cents.  Good luck.



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Skittles, sell less then Jelly Beans for me. I have stopped using them. Since November I have placed 200 lbs of Skittles and 550 lbs of Jelly Beans. My new order brought in another 150 lbs of Jelly Beans 0lbs of Skittles.

So who doesn't like skittles, for me almost everybody dis-likes them; too bad though as I like their shelf life.

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I wouldn't use jelly beans in a single head machine. Perhaps I am not forward thinking, and at times have been accused of not thinking outside of the box. I contend that if you have to think outside the box, your box isn't big enough. Do what is tried and true! What are great sellers? Gumballs, PMM, M&M, Skittles, Resese Pieces. M&I. As I said, I'm not a trailblazer. I woudl bring in a single head and a triple and convince the owner to let the triple stay. "Give it 2 weeks if you don't like it I will bring in the single head." "Wow! Doesn't that triple look really nice in your entrance?"



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joebob, as much as I woukld have liked to, the second she aw the triple i had brought, she began saying "oh no" very loudly....the only way she would let me put in anything was w/ a single head.

It's in there now, gumballs.

I'll see i guess...:)

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