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The Deal (Long)

Summit Vending

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Hello All,

Just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am that my machines are finally in my garage(picture below). Well here is the deal that I worked out with a man from California to get these machines. I was going through Craigslist a month ago and stumbled on an ad that was posted in April for 24 1800 machines for $2000.00. I called him up and he explained that he had a total of 64 machines and that he wanted out of his business. I told him that I wouldnt be interested in his route but all I have money for is the 24 for $2000. He paused a little bit and said no no no my son put this ad up for me and It was wrong I will sell you all 64 machines plus extra cannisters and parts for $2000.00..... I almost fell out of my chair. Problem was I was in the middle of moving from Vegas to Arizona and he said dont worry I will keep these here for you and when you are ready come get them(Man Of His Word). He went out collected the 40 that were on location and put them in storage with the other 24 machines he had. Well on Tuesday I jumped in a 17ft rental drove 620 miles roundtrip handed him $2000 cashiers check he helped me load them and I'm finally home. All in all a very exciting day as after the expenses gas and the truck the machines came out to $40.63 per unit. They need a little overhaul cleanup inside and out but thats for later today. Good night!

Brian Goodman

Summit Vending

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