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Creative Growth Plans


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I imagine many of us have goals, but don't necessarily know the quickest route there. I'm constantly learning new ways and ideas to reach my goals. I know these aren't original thoughts, but I really like the ideas.

1. Owner Financing Buy routes. Often times people are more than willing to get rid of their routes. If they believe in their route's ability to make money and don't need the money immediately then you can attempt to do owner financing. With proper valuation you should be able to pay it off in 12 months, but bargain for 18 months to give you extra time and money to pay it off.

2. Fundraiser Help out a local organization. Groups are always looking for ways to earn money. Help them solve their fund raising dilemma. Offer to the organization 10-20% commission for every machine they locate for you. You can get into places that you wouldn't be able to get into by yourself.

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