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Hello Lexingtoncv, welcome to Vendiscuss.

First of all, you may make a letter to give to the location owner asking for space to put a machine, and attach a sticker from the charity to it (which is what I do).  Also you can put pamphlets, etc on your machines to promote the charity.  To get set up with a charity, just call them and see if you can talk to the main man.  Dealing with local charities has worked well for me.  I donate 15% of my gross income to charity.  The usual is between 10-20%

Hope this answered your questions.  And keep asking!

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I would say is is abot 50/50 on charity selection. Some go local and some go national. For me going local was easier and 10-20% is about right. For some of the nationals all they ask for is $1 per machine per month I remember hearing. If you have a local that interests you then try them first. Sometimes people are more recptive to helping out their own and it makes locating easier. I use the local Humane Society. All I did was go by and talk it over with the director for a few minutes. They should be able to type up some type of letter for you to show when you go locating. Look in your area and see what others are using on their machines so you don't pick the same one. I get a recept from my local every month so if I am asked I can show that the money does go to them. Welcome to the board.

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