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Alternate use for Dentyne Ice gum


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I think I stumbled on to something here.

In the past when I would mow my grass, about half way through the yard I would get really overheated, sweaty and breathe really hard. At that moment, I would notice these tiny black flies constantly hovering around my face and dive-bombing my eyeballs. Very annoying. I always assumed they were attracted to the sweat and heat of my body.

As it turns out, they were actually attracted to the carbon dioxide that I was exhaling. (or so it seems) One day I popped a tab of DI before heading out to mow. This time they were non existent! I was aware of their absence because these flies are usually so bad that I actually dread mowing because of them. Since I stumbled on to this earlier this spring, I have run many tests to try and disprove my theory. I have popped the gum midway through mowing after the flies have begun their onslaught and presto, they were gone. I am now a believer in the power of DI to not only freshen your breath but keep those pesky black flies out of my face.

I wonder how many I need to chew to repel mosquitos? :D


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