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namco arcade London


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I took a side trip with the wife to London so we can watch the Britsh Formula One race tomorrow. while we were sight seeing,near the big benI found an arcade,and my was it an arcade!!it had three floors,the top floor with newest games and some bowling lanes, and poker machines!!aperantly it is legal to gamble here,also they had coin pushers with real money in them!!.the mid floor was video games of all sorts simulators and a decent sized bumber car arena.the last floor had more games and a BAR!!

this place was amazeing to say the least.my wife called me a junkie cuz we had to go in and play.

I took a pic of the sign near the entrance to show my friends at vend discuss.I thought it was neat that the words bar and arcade were on the same sign!!

steve I will have to email it to you when I get back so you can post it here,if you would please.

also vending machines are almost unherad of both in Italy and London,although I did see a 4 top u turn today in a shop.

thier capsul;e machines are differant here too,they cost a euro in italy and one pound in london!!crazy crazy prices but the sell well as a lot of the ones I have seen are mostly empty.the vendors here need to come to this site!!

it also seems the caps are a bit bigger.I will but one to verify before I go back.they are all towers and trivends.very small capacity too.

well I gotta go the pub is waiting for me!!

cheers mates!


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I saw another arade in london,not as big as the first one but still with 2 floors.do any of you live in a city that has 2 floors worth of arcades?I cant find anything that big in Springfield Il.,even if its not a huge city.

still no vending/candy machines.great noney could be ade here imo

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this is a pic of capsule vending machines made by

tomy(I think).they were the same in london and

italy,so I assume thats what they use in Europe.I`m

not sure if to start another topic for this or not.I

dont think there is one for european vending machines.


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